taylor lanford

workstaff / assistant manager

Going into this summer, I had just a few expectations. One was that I would experience the same community I had when I was last here in 2015. I believed that beyond the less than healthy amounts of sleep one gets while working here, every moment would be spent in ministry. I couldn’t be happier that I was wrong.

Being gone for a few years meant that I definitely got rusty. I had to relearn the ropes, and figure out how to navigate my newly acquired responsibilities. Over time, I found myself in a position where I could truly act as a counselor to the workstaff. Though I got to be a counselor before, this was my opportunity to finally be one. The best part was, unlike the counselors whose campers leave at the end of each camp, mine stayed with me for the whole summer!

One thing I loved about it was this: the people I had met at the beginning of the summer were not the same ones that I left at the end. Over the course of three months, my perspective changed from seeing the workstaff as coworkers to who they truly are: men & women who sought after the heart of God. Matthew 6:33 is brought to mind when I think of my workstaff from this summer: they sought the Kingdom of God, which according to Paul is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). No better words exist to describe the brothers & sisters I’d been blessed to meet, work with, break down beside, and be raised up with over this summer. Though we may all seek to see the fruit of our labor for the Kingdom, we must realize that some are created to plant seeds, and some to toil and tend the soil of others. I believe I was the latter. For though I have seen much fruit be borne, I know that LJ, Kaylen, Maggie, Ishmon, Nic, Dan, Brandon, Armeet, Jenna, Mary, Kelsey, Carley, Mason, Jagger, Olivia, and LB all have much, much more to do in this life for God and His glory than just the fraction of goodness I have been blessed to witness as their assistant manager. I thank God that I got to play a small role in their lives this summer, and pray they know how big of one they have played and will continue to play in mine. This summer was what it means to me to walk alongside and bear another’s burdens. This community was what it meant to me to be a disciple. This, to me, is what it means to “build relationships for eternal impact.”  Praise God for another incredible summer, and for the chance to work with such amazing sons & daughters. Praise the Lord Jesus for all He has done. Tetelestai.