ryan ethridge

counselor / worship team

The third camp of the summer was about to start and I doubted the reason why God called me here. It wasn’t until the staff meeting before camp, during the worship time, when God really put on my heart that “I have a purpose for you, so just be patient.” The next camp began and I felt prepared for what God had for me that week. It wasn’t until the last meeting about my last camper where the adult leader pleaded with me to share the Gospel with this camper. I knew who God needed me there for. I saved him for last because I wanted him to soak up everything around him. The one-on-ones I had before this one were amazing and I got to watch God move in different ways. Finally, it was time for our one-on-one, I sat the camper down and we talked about his life for a while. He said things like, “He helps me with my homework.” I then got to preach the Gospel about who Jesus is, and all the wonderful things He has done for him. As I talked, I could tell that the Holy Spirit was moving inside of him. When I was done, I asked him to take a second and think about all I had said. A few minutes past before I turned to him and asked, “Do you want to receive Christ?” He nodded profusely.  I asked him to speak to God from his heart and ask him to forgive him of his sins and to believe in Jesus. After the prayer, when we met eyes, he was smiling as big as I had ever seen someone smile. We went and got him a Bible and a devotional and he immediately started reading. I realized at that moment that this is my purpose here. It is to bring kids like this to know and to grow with the amazing God that I know and love!