Robert Jones

Counselor / Cabin 21

This summer has already been so amazing! It started at staff training, getting to know all of my amazing co-workers! Not only did I get to see friendships being made, but seeing God work through the entire process was absolutely awesome. Then we started camps and that was when I really started to see God do work in really cool ways. 

During one of the camps I had a camper named Wyatt that was so awesome! He had already been saved and God was doing big things through him right off the bat. He told me about how he had led his sister to Christ in the back seat of his parent’s car on the way to church. Then there was one named Denver. Denver was so young and had already been on three mission trips to Africa! He talked to me about the mission trips and told me how he gives all the money he gets for Christmas and his birthday to his parents for the mission trips they go on! It was so awesome to see God doing big things through these campers. Not only did I see how God was working through the campers outside of camp but here at Lake Forest Ranch as well. I had a camper named Kaden and he had a lot going on at home but he did not want to talk to me about it. One night we had an invitation and Kaden came to the back in tears. We walked over to a bench and sat down and he just opened up to me about everything going on in his life and how God had been speaking to him all week. The next day we had a really long one-on-one just talking about his life and God. It was so cool getting to see God working through him that week, to sense the safeness and to give him the courage to open up. Then I had a camper named Reece. I could see that he was really paying attention during Pow Wow and during Bible study. One night at Pow Wow they gave an invitation and I had one camper come to the back and it was Reese. He told me he knew it was time and I asked him, “for what? “.  He told me he was ready to get off of the sinking Titanic and to get on the Ark. He was ready to have a relationship with God and wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. He did, and every time I saw him that night he was smiling and would tell me that he was so happy! These are just a few of the things that have made this summer so great!