robert jones

head lifeguard

I was the Head Lifeguard this summer which was not what I had planned, after being a counselor last year. It wasn’t necessarily what I wanted, but it was definitely what I needed this summer. Coming into the summer, I made a lot of tough decisions with school, and what this next year would look like for me. I am taking a gap year from school to figure out what I want to major in and this is something I need time to think about. So this summer I have had lots of time to think about this and God has shown me many things. He has provided many opportunities for me for this upcoming year when I get back. One big thing He has shown me this summer is that I have a big heart for ministry with kids. I saw this so clearly one night when I sat in the dining hall sad that I didn’t think I had a big role and didn’t have a chance to minister to kids. But the Lord showed me very clearly that I had all the opportunities I was looking for, but I had not been putting forth effort as a ministry partner and I was just doing the bare minimum. And with that experience I started learning the names of the kids in my cabins and I started getting to know them. This left me with so much joy and I felt energized through this!