Reba Tate

tribe chief


Throughout this summer the Father has constantly reminded me of His faithfulness over and over through so many encounters. The one that sticks out to me the most would be Mission Camp Macon. Being a mentor and working ropes meant I wouldn’t be spending much time with my team, so from the beginning of the week I began to ask the Father that He would give me deep connection with at least one of the campers on my team. Throughout the week Tyrese, Tray, and I really began to hit it off. Tyrese had told me he was not a Christian and my heart longed for him to know my Father. Fast forward to family night… as people began to fill the gym I was searching the crowd for any of the kids that were on my team. I spotted Tray sitting at the very top of the bleachers; I walked up to say hey and was then going to sit back with the staff. As we talked I just felt like I was supposed to stay with him. At the end of the service the pastor gave an invitation, and Tray and I began to talk about the gospel and what it was Christ had done for him and why.

As we talked, other guys around us began to listen. One made the comment, “This saying a prayer thing doesn’t do anything, you say it tonight and tomorrow you’ll be right back cussing, drinking and doing all that junk. I know all this stuff, my dad is the pastor down there.” I looked at him and said, “You just don’t get it do you?” I explained to him that the gospel wasn’t about him doing something to make himself a better person. Salvation was all about what Jesus had done for him and receiving that. He said to the half dozen football players now sitting around me “Guys y’all need to hear this, this is for all of us!”  So I began to explain the gospel to all of them.  I could see him begging to understand what the gospel was as we all walked through it. And how cool that I’m now in the middle of this group of guys, just laying out the simplicity of the gospel. Then here comes my buddy Tyrese, he sat down next to me and we began talking about the gospel, answering his questions, and explaining why sin had to be paid for and why Jesus had to die in order for us to be forgiven. He looked at me and said, “I want Him Reba.” We walked through Romans 10:9-13 and I watched the Father make my friend a new person! I held back tears as I saw all of the guys listening to my every word and understanding it for the first time. We serve a good Father who is faithful to supply opportunities to share His truth. My socks were rocked. Oh taste and see…. The Lord is SO good!