Raegan Barber

Counselor / Cabin 6

Raegan Barber.jpg

Being a counselor has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I have been internally impacted by these sweet young ladies that have been placed in my cabin by the Father. Camp after camp God has been so good and has continually wrapped His arms around me through the love these young girls have for each other, LFR, and me.  On one particular night during Kid’s Camp B, my cabin and I had a great conversation about the beauty of the Gospel. The young ladies were all nine and ten during that camp, so I was incredibly shocked when they wanted to have a conversation about something so mature. It was absolutely beautiful. My workstaff cabin partner, Abbey Jacks, shared something that took my breath away during that conversation. She said to the campers “Do you guys know how beautiful the stars and moon are? Well, God didn’t come and die for the moon and stars. He came and died for you. That means that you are more valuable than the moon and stars.” How amazing is that though?  (PRAISE JESUS!!!) The next night was “LFR After Dark”. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of “LFR After Dark”, it’s a worship experience that campers take a part in on the third night of camp. This year the Spirit led us to take the campers on a journey of experiencing God’s goodness using the five senses. At the end of the whole worship experience their counselor let them feel God’s goodness by washing their feet individually.  Since we all had talked about how good God is the night before “LFR After Dark” during Kids Camp B, I knew that washing my campers’ feet that was going to be a wonderful time. God clearly told me that He wanted to wash one particular camper’s feet last that night. When He first told me that, I was in a state of confusion. I had such a deep connection with this camper and wanted to take her to the feet washing station right away. Abba just kept whispering to me, “Be still and trust me,” so I washed all my campers’ feet and took her to the station last. She was already crying when she sat down and was in a state of pure excitement about the fact that I was finally going to wash her feet. “I am sorry I took you last, but I am excited to wash your feet”. She then said, “I was confused at first when you were not coming to get me, but I am so glad that you took me here last. I had so much time to look at the stars and soak in the fact that God thinks I am more beautiful than them. He is SUCH a good Father.” The only reply I could manage without bursting into happy tears at that time was, “He SO is!” What a summer. What a Savior!