Rachel Broom

Counselor / Cabin 3


This summer I was given the opportunity to be a senior counselor. Last summer I got to share Christ’s love to so many girls in my cabin and was able to see them experience the freedom only He can give. As a counselor, I did not always get to see the impact that camp makes in the lives of campers. Often times, I feel like my campers leave without having a transformative experience. One of the really sweet things about being a senior counselor is the opportunity to have campers from the previous summer in my cabin for a second year. There was one camper in particular that I had my first summer and she doubted the Lord’s goodness due to many difficult situations that she was facing. The last morning of camp she walked out of my cabin feeling very unsure about God’s love for her. This summer I was given the opportunity to have the same camper in my cabin. God’s faithfulness was so evident because she was walking in the love and truth of Christ. Everything about her had completely changed. She was filled with joy, hope, and peace. During one-on-one time she told me all about God’s promises and she was so firm in all that she believed. I was able to see 2 Corinthians 5:17 literally come to life through this camper. This reminded me of the Lord’s faithfulness and that He is chasing after their hearts even when they leave Lake Forest Ranch. This was such a reminder that the Lord’s work does not stop after the kids leave camp. It only continues.