Payton Tanner

worship team


This summer was one of the wildest summers in my life! From the beginning my prayer request was for God to take me out of my comfort zone. And wow! He’ll surely do it! When I first stepped foot here at LFR, I came in with a lot of fear that I wasn’t going to clique with the staff, so I set up a guard around myself. But the wall was torn down when literally everyone embraced me with open arms from the beginning. It was very overwhelming to experience the Father’s love and goodness so quickly during staff training. I also “took a Leap of Faith” being a part of ropes course training, which is a big deal being afraid of heights. My job this summer was a worship leader. Being a music major, I have mostly sung classically and have only ever led worship at my church twice. This summer I have learned by being with the worship team how to grow in confidence and grow as a leader. Throughout the summer, I have been able to use my classical voice in “LFR After Dark”, activating the campers sense of hearing to experience the goodness of the Father. God also gave me the opportunity to go to Guatemala for free last minute! There happened to be a free spot opened to go and there were two people on the waiting list. The day before I found out that I was going, I was talking to God and I said “If you want me to go on the trip, my answer is yes.” And the next day I received a message that I was able to go! While in Guatemala I was able to grow in compassion for others in a new way. During that trip I did things out of my comfort zone to show them the Father’s love. It has been so amazing to be a part of a ministry that leaves an eternal impact.