Nicholas Leach

tribe leader


This summer working at LFR was way more of a growing rollercoaster than I could’ve ever imagined. I came into this summer kind of nervous, not really knowing what to expect. I loved kids, and had worked with them before, but didn’t have a whole lot of experience with them. The 1st half of this summer started with one of the wildest and most stressful camps for me personally:  the kids in my cabin were very hyperactive and they did not listen to authority well. I was almost shell shocked at first, and felt like I had been hit by a train the first night. God pulled through though, like He always does. He provided the words and strength necessary to find my place with these kids and showed me how to truly love them. I regret how I acted during the early part of the week; not being mean, but I did not focus on loving the kids as I should’ve. God showed me how He loved those kids, though, by the end of that week, and I started to learn about how much love and patience He has with us. Praise God, one of the kids in my cabin that week got saved.

The next couple of camps were much calmer, and God continued to teach me how to love even in discipline. Those camps flew by, with me meeting many more kids who are so dear. I went home for a while during midsummer and came back for a Student Camp and Mission Camp Macon. That was an amazing time of growing and being filled up. The Lord taught me to let go of my ambitions and thoughts and to surrender to His will. I started having a peace beyond words to just trust and obey Him, to seek His will. God used that so much during the last three camps I worked as tribe leader, allowing me to speak the Gospel into these kid’s hearts and to give them an example of love. I was definitely not perfect, and especially during the last camp I started relying upon my own strength and comfort from others, but God worked despite me during those times.

I would love to have this wonderful, grandiose story about an interaction I had with a kid that was just awe-inspiring and mind blowing and changed that kid’s life forever, but I don’t. I have had a ton of impactful moments with kids. The Lord has allowed me to disciple children who have recently come to know the Lord, and He has allowed me to plant so many seeds. Though I may not see the fruition of that planting, I still trust that God who begins a good work in people will bring it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus our Lord. Some kids may fall away, but nonetheless they’ve tasted and seen that the Lord is good at some level. Praise Christ.