Nic Joransen

tribe co-chief


God constantly showed me how faithful and how good He is throughout this summer. One of these precious times was during our “LFR After Dark” program. God strengthened my faith while showing to the campers in my cabin that He is faithful, He is loving, and He is good! As a ministry partner, my part was to sit on a tarp in the big field and explain to the kids what the different stations they had just walked through meant, while their Counselor took them one by one to wash their feet and serve like Jesus served His disciples. After explaining all the stations to the kids, I told them about a time this past semester when I was feeling really alone. I went outside at 2 o’clock in the morning and told God, “I feel alone and I know you are good, show me” and immediately I saw a bright shooting star in the sky. After sharing this experience, God gave me an idea. I told the boys to all lay on their backs and look at the stars and then I prayed aloud “God we know you are good, and we know you are true, we want to see a taste of your goodness will you please give us a shooting star.” Then we waited and as we waited we talked about how God answers our prayers and how sometimes it’s not immediate but we know He is faithful to respond. Five minutes went by before we saw a shooting star but some of the boys didn’t see it and so I asked if we should pray for another one, they answered with an emphatic “yes!” So I prayed again and this time it took another five minutes before three of us saw a second shooting star. But still not all of them saw it and it really wasn’t that bright so I prayed for a third one. I asked God to make it bright and big so all the boys would point and ooh in wonder at the goodness of God. God definitely heard my prayer because fifteen minutes later as some clouds began to cover the stars in the sky a bright shooting star flung across the sky and all the boys pointed and oohed and at that moment, and from then on, I still get chills thinking about how much God cares for us and how attentive He is to our simplest requests.