Molly Ory



When I think back on my summer here at LFR, at all of the things I’ve learned and all of the things that I’ve experienced, one of the main things that I think about is faith in Christ. God has taught me so much about trusting in Him this summer and doing what He says even if I don’t understand it or want to do it.

Student Camp 4 was a crazy week for me; I was super excited to get to know the girls in my cabin because I grew up going to Student Camp 4 and knew most of the campers that were coming. It was a really big camp so we had two people working some positions and there just wasn’t a lot of free time for me to go find them and hang out with them. All of the girls in my cabin were very soft spoken and I think only four of them knew each other and requested to be together; it was a very quiet cabin. I remember getting ready for “LFR After Dark”; I didn’t really know any of the girls that well at all and I felt so unprepared on what I was going to say. I figured that it would be me speaking to them for a little while and then God working in them. I didn’t think that I would see them really reacting to anything that I was saying, which I was totally fine with. I walked with them through everything and then we all sat down on the tarp together. I remember talking about all of the stations and talking about how evident God’s goodness is in everything.

All of a sudden I just really felt the Holy Spirit telling me to share my testimony, which I was not planning on doing. I didn’t really want to share my testimony, but I started to anyways, though I left out the parts that I was scared of sharing. I remember that I was halfway through, and God spoke to me so clearly. He was telling me not to be ashamed of the struggles that I’ve gone through and the times I’ve messed up, and instead to rejoice in how He saved me from it and how much I grew in it. He told me that He wanted the girls in my cabin to hear my whole testimony; I didn’t want to; so I fought against it for a while. God wouldn’t let me feel peace about what I was saying, so I eventually gave in and went deeper into my testimony. After I was done, a girl was getting back from having her feet washed and she was crying, so I sat and prayed with her for a while. When I was done I looked at the other girls on my tarp, and there was another one crying. I sat with her and asked her what she talked about, and she told me that she hadn’t gotten her feet washed yet and that she was crying because what I spoke about in my testimony was exactly what she was going through. It was the part of my testimony that I really didn’t want to share. She was the exact same age as me when I was walking through those things, and it was so amazing to be able to sit with her and encourage her. Once she started opening up to me, the other girls listened to her and they felt more comfortable and started sharing things at well. We talked until everyone was done getting their feet washed, and then talked more once we got back to the cabin. Through that, I got to have one-on-ones with some of the girls and those were just such sweet and precious moments to me. 

Our cabin was such a quiet cabin, but after that night the dynamic changed. The rest of the week was filled with so much fellowship and fun between everyone. That night has always been such a reminder to me of God’s faithfulness when we obey Him. It is crazy to think that if I wouldn’t have listened to Him, then that one girl wouldn’t have felt as moved and shared things with everyone. I just obeyed God and shared my testimony, and He transformed the whole cabin from that and let me see His power and His movement in things.