Ethan Jones

Student Missionary • Dayton, TN • Grace Bible Church
God opened my eyes to a see a rich culture in which people value different things than what I was surrounded by growing up. Camp Macon is a unique, extraordinary event with a life all of its own. The impact that this week has is evident at the end of the week- for both the campers and [the student missionaries]. I hope and pray the zeal of saved or rejuvenated campers will continue.

Emmy Bailey      

Returning Staff • Waco, TX
This week has consistently been a good week for me spiritually- year after year in different ways. This year was exceptionally challenging, but truly rewarding in ways I never saw coming. This week challenged me to reach out to my student missionaries throughout the week and I was encouraged by the way I saw their improvement in leadership & involvement with the campers. God used this week to deeply grow in me what it looks like to disciple others. I know this is preparation for what He is leading me into in this next season of life, so I found so much joy despite the challenge. Camp Macon is good and so is the Father!


Sonya Owens     

Adult Leader • Dayton, TN • Grace Bible Church
I was so encouraged to see our students stretched and see how they grew in confidence and in sharing the gospel as the week went on!

Katie Landreth

Student Missionary • Cullman, AL
I really learned how to trust God with giving me words to say to the campers. I also learned how to love without expecting anything in return. I learned to treat people I never met as if they were really good friends. I met a girl and God really gave me a heart for her and her specific situation. I prayed with her and talked with her all week and at the end of the week we shared contact information. I’m really excited to continue pouring into her and looking for more opportunities to share the gospel with her. God showed me how much he loves the people he created and how He works in crazy awesome ways to bring opportunities to bring them to Him. I’ve never really shared the gospel with people before and I can’t wait to do it more now! I am so excited for Camp Macon 2020!

Julie Inmon

Student Missionary • Pontotoc, MS
I realized the things that have happened in my life had a purpose. I can speak to others about my struggles and share how God has helped me through them. I’ve grown closer to the Lord this week through prayer and through pouring out to others. Overall, I learned a lot about sharing the gospel, God’s children, and myself. I felt God move in an amazing way.

Kathryn Broussard

Student Missionary • Mandeville, LA • Northshore Bible Church
He taught me that no matter how much we poured into the campers or how hard we loved them, the outcome for everything is in His hands. We can’t force anything. But if we keep planting seeds, then the growth is through our all-powerful Father. He helped me see the urgency of sharing the gospel. While at Camp Macon it was our goal and our heart’s desire to share His love and His Word. We encouraged one another in our teams and small groups. We were so filled and encouraged by one another and it gave us the strength to keep sharing the gospel every day. EVERYTHING we did was to spread the love and truth of Christ for this one week but it has shown me that our goal for Camp Macon should be our goal for our entire time on earth- to share the gospel! Not just one week in the summer but to share the love of Christ ALL THE TIME!

Belinda Sherouse

Camp Macon Coordinator • Macon, MS
This year I had the most amazing job and opportunity as the Camp Macon Coordinator. My job included preparation for all things Mission Camp Macon. For me, preparations began back in August of 2018! This week was the culmination of a year of hard work and prayer. Preparing for Camp Macon meant a lot of logistics, paperwork, communication, and coordination of a lot of moving parts. The week before student missionaries arrived I was exhausted. I had used every last bit of energy staying up late and trying to make sure no detail was overlooked. I remember thinking, “How am I going to have the energy for this week?” But He provided. Through the student missionaries and the campers He provided every last thing I needed. I wasn’t just full or energized, I was overflowing with joy and excitement. I didn’t sleep much during the week but it didn’t matter. I got to spend my day interacting with campers and student missionaries. I would talk with student missionaries about their experiences and immediately I was so full. Their joy became my joy. And it didn’t matter when problems arose. Our very first day was one that included dealing with a downpour of rain; a literal flood. But, nothing could stop what God intended to do. The student missionaries were as energetic as ever! They grabbed umbrellas and danced in the rain. I cannot understate how proud I am or how privileged I feel to have had the chance to witness the work that the student missionaries did during Camp Macon. Their outpouring of love made every hour of hard work more than worth it. The Father is just so good and getting to see how he works through Camp Macon has been a huge blessing. And leading others through this week? Pure grace.

Will Chapman

Mission Camp Macon is such a cool and interesting combination of ideas from inviting young hungry hearts and minds to a place where there are people to constantly pour into them the Word and Spirit that is so apparent in this place; to bringing the youth of Noxubee County to a place where they can hear this wonderful news of grace offered by Christ. This year I met a student missionary, this person had heard my testimony and told me that she related to it so much and would love to talk about it. So one day after a day at the ladder at the zip line talking to an awesome student missionary about some cool things about his life and plans, I went to the dock to swim for a few minutes. There I saw this person again and she began talking to me about the things in her life. Now this person is 15 and she has things happening every day that most functioning adults would not be able to juggle. Those hardships brought on things that she was having a hard time letting go of. I knew that she understood that Jesus had died for her but was mistaking the heavy weight of conviction with something else. Condemnation and fear had this girl locked in an inescapable prison. This was real spiritual warfare happening in a very young person. It was such a gift to be invited into this with someone from the body so eager to learn and with such a bright spirit. I wrote a series of Bible studies and gave them to this person to read and to encourage her throughout the week and each time we interacted I did not probe I simply asked “How are you?” She would respond “Amazing!” So at the end of the camp I found that not only did this person completely thrive but she received “The Heart of Macon Award”, an honor given to the student missionary who truly stood out for Christ and shared that spirit with everyone she saw, she truly changed the way I see the Body of Christ and how helping someone grow who is so young in the Body is one of the greatest purposes I could ever fulfill. She found me at the end of camp and told me how the verses had helped her with some things she had been trying to work out. She told me no one had ever sat down with her and gone through the importance of studying the Word of God and finding the answers and the encouragement we all need to make it through these hard days. I saw someone who was hungry find the food from the Spirit and grow into a more mature, learned, and confident creation. From this I see that my heart is for those who are hungry, but are not being given the chance to eat. My wish was granted from so long ago. I was once asked, “If you could ask Jesus for one thing what would it be?” I said, “to have an audience who would hear me and know that my heart’s desire is to teach the Word as it is written.” I was given this chance and through it reached people in ways that changed their lives. I know it has nothing to do with me, but changing lives through the sharing of the Word and the study of His Heart of love for us makes me excited for what He has in store for me. Keep the Lord first.


Leeza Fedorenko

Mission Camp Macon was one of the sweetest weeks of my life. I was a kids camp director at a local ministry in Macon.  At first, the kids questioned why we love them and want to serve them, but they latched on to that love so tight because it’s a glimpse of Jesus and His love for them. As my team and I walked them down the streets to their homes every day when kids camp was over, I could physically feel the hurt and brokenness that these kids face. At the same time, I experienced so much peace. Peace of our calling as believers. Peace about walking down unknown streets yet knowing it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. I looked into these kids’ eyes and could tell they didn’t understand why I love them so much, but I understood why. Even though they’ve done nothing to earn it, I wanted them to just accept it and love me back. That week Jesus gave me a glimpse of how He looks at us. What an honor to be so deeply loved by Jesus, even though we’ve done nothing to earn it. Lake Forest has continued to teach me more and more about how detailed our Father is and how life only makes sense when we’re completely dependent on Him. I feel so blessed to have been able to serve in such a beautiful community and grow in my relationship with Jesus. God is so, so good. Mission Camp Macon was filled with growth and love and so has my summer here, and I pray I carry that same love and growth that comes from the Father with me forever.

Alec Beers

LFR Worship Team
The past few months God has broken my heart for the Muslim people and has given me a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with them. I entered the summer not knowing how that lined up with working at LFR. I knew God had something in store for me, but I had no idea what that was going to be. Being on the worship team was an incredible experience that I will never forget, but my favorite camp memory came from Camp Macon. A counselor named Lauren told me that a student missionary named Katie had been drawn towards a Muslim camper. Lauren told me that Katie wanted guidance on how to invest in her. I am so thankful that God put me on Lauren’s heart to connect with Katie. I got to mentor her on how to approach conversations with this camper and helped her prepare for questions she was going to face. At the end of our conversation, I felt led to ask Katie and Lauren to pray for her to have a vision from God. The next day Katie and the camper had great conversations and built a close friendship. The camper also wanted to know more and more about Jesus, and she even had a dream that night from God. She had a dream of “a man in the clouds calling out to her,” and she seemed deeply moved according to Katie. She did not become a believer at camp, but Katie is continuing to invest in her, and I am confident that God is working powerfully in both of them. It was so exciting to see a younger Christ-follower boldly and lovingly connect with a person that is very different and tends to be negatively stereotyped by society. I am in awe that at a Christian camp in Macon, MS God would allow me to play a role in reaching a Muslim person. I am very grateful for the doors God graciously opened for me while at LFR.