Meg Baylis

Counselor / Cabin 2


Arriving at Lake Forest this summer has been unlike any summer before. In a previous summer I was on staff as a sunshine club leader for second half, but this summer serving as a counselor has been like no other. There have been countless encounters with campers that have allowed me to witness the character and heart of God piece by piece. My prayer at the beginning of the summer was to see His heart, no matter what the cost, whether that includes sufferings and hardships or not. Jesus has delivered time and time again in some very trying weeks. After one of these weeks, in which I had to remind myself of the true nature of the Lord, He revealed His saving character to me. Let me explain; the week before had begun to feel very mundane and rehearsed in the way that I communicated to my campers and even the staff. I was very discouraged and did not feel at all as if I was walking in the Spirit and in His guidance. I was stuck in a cycle of comparing my “failures” as a counselor to that of the “successes” of others. Our Father so kindly reminded me that it was nothing that I could strive to do, be, or even say to these girls that would cause their time here at camp to be what a “success” was in my mind. God was working in their lives whether I realized it or not. The very next week I had a completely full cabin with a lot of campers that had a lot of broken hearts. I was terrified because I felt I was lacking the Spirit’s ability to work in me the way that He had already promised me! Just like the children of Israel, I was so very quick to forget the goodness of my good God. It was the first night of Pow Wow and the speaker had voiced to us that he would be providing an invitation for the campers. Automatically I had begun to doubt what God could do in the hearts of these girls. I doubted that He would allow them to “taste and see” of His goodness. But praise our God, who is not defined by my doubts. As soon as the invitation was given, six out of my ten campers flooded the back doors. I was overcome by the goodness of Abba and the power of the Spirit when all of these six girls came to a personal relationship with Jesus that very night. I gained six new sisters in Christ not because of anything that I could have ever done, but because of Who my God is. I saw His heart for those precious girls that night and throughout the rest of the camp. Praise God because He IS the God who saves.