matthew sanders

counselor / worship team

I went into student camp 1 discouraged. To me, it seemed like every counselor had the opportunity to lead a camper to Christ. I believed lies from the enemy that I wasn’t an adequate counselor.  When I met my campers, one stood out to me. He was known for his relationship with the Lord. The night of LFR after Dark we went through the stations. I took each of them one by one and processed the night with them. This camper came up to me and said, “I’ve been a believer for a while, and this is the first time that I have not had any doubts about my salvation.” The rest of the week, we talked about what it means to grow in our faith, how to minister to others, and the importance of avoiding being idle. It was encouraging to see the growth this camper had experienced and the grace shown to me to be able to speak into this camper.

This summer I had a camper during Student Camp 3 who showed me that faith has rewards. This camper was 18 and about to go to college and he knew that he was called to be a worship leader, but was scared. I mean like, he loved worship, has prayed, and had received a clear answer that this is what he was supposed to do, however he is the type of guy who likes to be really secure with anything that he does, and there isn’t a lot of money or job security in worship leadership. During our 1-on-1, he finally came to the conclusion that he was going to follow God’s plan and have faith in Him. For some reason, that really impacted me. It made me think about my walk with Christ and whether or not I give everything to the One who literally saved me