madison pillow

worship leader

This was my first summer working at Lake Forest Ranch, and I got to jump right in as the leader of the worship team.  Even though I just graduated college with a degree in Worship Leadership, I felt very unequipped and unprepared at first.  That's really where I needed to be because it made me depend on Him for everything.  The Lord has been teaching me that He is the worship leader, not me.  I just get to wake up each morning and ask Him what He wants to do through us that day, and He directs, provides, and shows up every time.  During the first student camp, He blessed me with a sweet encouragement.  The band and I decided to start that night's Pow-Wow by bringing the kids in quietly instead of hyped-up to loud, upbeat music.  We began the night on our knees in prayer and then sang a powerful song called "Holy Ground."  Later that night was LFR after Dark.  As a ministry partner, I met up with my cabin at the last station and talked with the girls while the counselor was having one-on-ones with each of the girls.  The counselor came back to where we were sitting and whispered in my ear that the camper she had just talked with had gotten saved.  I went over to talk to the camper about it and ask what led her to make that decision.  She told me that at church group before Pow-Wow that night there had been a lot of drama and she had anxiety.  Then when she came into Pow-Wow, we knelt down and prayed, and when she stood up, all her anxiety was gone.  She said that had never happened to her before when she prayed.  It was one small thing that the Lord used to get her attention and draw her to Himself, and He gets all the glory and praise for that.  It was so encouraging that when you follow the Spirit's leading, He is faithful to use what you bring to Him.  Give Him everything and watch Him work! How sweet He is to sometimes let us see the things He is doing in building His Kingdom.