Lucas Stocks

Counselor / Cabin 16


My first summer reflection involves a lesson I learned while praising God at the same time.  I had some adult leaders tell me at a meeting that one of their kids was terrified of one-on-one time, talking about Jesus things, and just anything like that.  The guy almost didn’t come to camp because he knew about the one-on-one ministry that we do and did not want to have any of those conversations.  So to make a long story short, I purposefully held his one-on-one time last.

I found out that day that the guy was actually leaving a night early but I was able to get them to hold off until after we talked.  That night I made a plan to have my ministry partner call my kids inside one by one until it was just me and the kid that I needed, but my ministry partner ended up having to do work-staff stuff, so I did the one thing you should never do, let the other campers in on the plan.  They were super ready to help me but when I gave them the cue they had no idea at first.  When they remembered, they walked inside and mass chaos somehow followed.  I had campers running to the yard, acting goofy, and when I sent them all inside except the one I needed, I told him everything that I tried to do and told him that the one-on-ones are not scary.  It is just me wanting to get to know him, and if he would let me, I would still like to.  He took it really well and we talked for a bit.  He ended up accepting Jesus into his heart that night.  He walked to his mom’s car less than 10 minutes later.  So if all that crazy stuff had not happened, he might not have come to know the Lord.  That week I learned a lot about being intentional and loving campers fully.