london baxter


God has worked through and in me more than I could have ever expected this summer. I had the opportunity to be a counselor. I can honestly say that I was just as nervous as I was excited. The very first week of camp I had a cabin full of nine and ten year olds. On the first night of every camp, counselors meet with the adult leaders to help understand each of the campers better. I talked to a few adult leaders about one camper, and they told me she was temperamental, had various medical issues, and usually tells what is going to happen instead of asking.

That night I was taking my campers to the dining hall and was explaining to them that we had to go to the swimming pool later. This one particular camper did not want to go to the pool, and she would not listen when I explained to her why she had to. This was very hard for me because I felt that this camper already didn’t like me.

When I took my campers back to the cabin I asked her to sit on the porch with me and talk, which she did not want to do. While we were talking she was still speaking to me out of anger and arguing with me. Then she mentioned that sometimes she feels lonely and feels left out when it comes to camp. I knew that God had given me this moment to speak truth to her. I started by telling her part of my testimony and how when I first came to camp this summer, I felt alone at some points. I shared the gospel with this camper and poured into her. I encouraged her, letting her know that she is never alone because she has the Holy Spirit inside of her and that God will never leave her. I told her how worthy she is and the depth of the love of God.

When we were in the cabin, she asked if she could just go to bed and I said yes. After saying yes, I realized that I should pray with her. I walked over to her bed and asked if I could pray for her. At first, she said no, but then I asked if I could pray a short prayer and she said yes. I prayed over her, and I prayed that she would realize how beautiful and special she was. After praying she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said: “but you don’t even know me.” I explained to her that I don’t have to know her to know what is true about her because she is a child of God.

The next morning, I received a note in my little encouragement bag in the cabin and it said: “I think you are the best counselor, and you are doing a great job.” It was from this camper. When I read this, it brought tears to my eyes. At that moment, I realized this summer is not about me. This summer is about God working through me to escort these kids into His throne room and help them strengthen their relationship with God. When I was struggling and felt like I wanted to give up with this camper, God showed up and revealed His desire for me to continue on with this camper. I realized that God has me, He is never going to let me go through this alone, and that He provides.