Leeza Fedorenko


God has been teaching me so much about details and dependence. He is so active and present in our lives it’s actually overwhelming. His word is living and active, and there is proof all around us of that simple beauty.

Earlier this year I struggled with feeling distant from God. God reminded me before coming to Lake Forest of how present and active He is and how His hands are on literally everything.

God has used my broken past to bring healing, not only to girls I’ve gotten to love on in my cabin but to me. I get to remind girls that when we believe in Jesus’ name, He walks with us. His word promises He never leaves us. When we feel distant from God, we can have the faith to know that He loves us. 

There was a night when one of my campers looked me in the eyes with so much longing to be loved and told me that she missed God. She felt the distance, and that maybe she was so far away from Him that He didn’t even recognize her or love her that much anymore.

I reminded her of how He never left. I reminded her of his overflowing grace. I reminded her of His deep, deep love for her that would never change, no matter her feelings. And, that He missed her, too.

God longs for a relationship with us, so when we feel Him tugging at our hearts, listen.

He still wants us. He never left. Because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross for us, we get to live without separation between us and God. We are His children, and we have a Father who loves us more than our minds can comprehend or what we can even begin to understand.

What an honor to be loved so deeply by the Maker and Creator of all things.

Camp life can be exhausting.  But I’m being so stretched to the point where I physically can’t make it through the days without being totally dependent on God and gaining a strength and a love for these campers that’s not my own.

He has broken my heart for what breaks His, He has allowed me to see more than what’s right in front of me, He has given me a joy that is only found in the Lord, and He has brought healing and closeness to my own heart that I didn’t even know  I needed.