Lauren Stanfill



This summer turned out different than I anticipated. Although it was one of the hardest experiences of my life, it was also the most transforming. Not only did I see the love shown by God, but also that love expressed through others. Through seeing a visual of this, I was able to see my need to have a personal relationship with the Savior. I am blown away with the amount of change I have seen in myself the past few weeks.  As I reflect on my summer, all I can say is that God is good. He knew exactly what I needed despite my plans.

As a part of Workstaff, I was able to serve the campers from behind the scenes. I have learned that in all I do, I should do it to glorify my Father. I am extremely thankful for the amazing group of people I was able to work with; they are the best! We were able to grow together as a team as God began to heal our hearts one by one. In the morning time I enjoyed going to the Malone’s Bible study where we were poured into with words of God’s truth.  I am so thankful for their influence on my life. Through their words and actions I was strengthened in my walk with Christ. I would not trade my time at LFR for anything.