Keller Ishee

Counselor / Cabin 18


God has done incredible things in and through me this summer at Lake Forest Ranch, but none of these things would have happened if He had not directly led me here. God made it evident that I was supposed to work at LFR this summer. It began by God leading me to Mississippi College where I met some of my very best friends. Those friends just so happened to work here at Lake Forest. They encouraged me to apply to work this summer. After much prayer, and coming up on the application deadline I never felt The Lord give me any direct answer. I had made up my mind that I was not going to apply, so I told my friends and they completely understood. Afterward, I was working at a Discipleship Now in Vicksburg where I was leading some young men in a youth group. During one of the worship services I so clearly felt God lay it on my heart that I was going to work at LFR. I kind of brushed it off as “that’s crazy, the deadline is in just a few days and I’ve already told them I wasn’t going to apply”, but God had a completely different plan.

So, I began to pray asking God to open the door for me to work at LFR if it be His will. Well, the following week several of the friends who had spoken to me about LFR came to me saying “Hey, it’s not too late to apply” and that they were still in search of counselors. This was obviously because God was saving this position for me. Still a little skeptical, I kindly told them that “I” had decided I wasn’t going to work there. That was my problem, God had specifically called me here but “I” had decided against it. Finally, God made it so incredibly clear that He wanted me to work at Lake Forest. I couldn’t run from it any further. I felt so sure about my summer and working at LFR. I applied and received the position. I say all this to say, God has completely changed the course of my entire life in just 3 months. My life genuinely would not be the same if I had not followed the call of the Lord. God has changed so many hearts including mine. He is weaving such a beautiful plan for my life, and I have Lake Forest Ranch to thank for allowing me to grow