kaylen fulwood

workstaff / counselor

Coming into the summer knowing I was going to be a Workstaff Counselor I wasn’t all that sure what to expect. I knew that it would be awesome getting to be a piece of the close-knit Workstaff community and I knew it would be so fulfilling getting to build relationships with the campers in my cabin. While both of those things have ended up being true, I was not aware of how exhausting and unpredictable it would be as a Workstaff Counselor. I learned I basically go into each camp and have to be mentally ready to switch positions if needed. That’s exactly what happened, too. Kids Camp C I entered into the week knowing I would be Workstaff but in the middle of the camp another counselor got sick so I was asked to fill in. This required me to very quickly move my stuff into a new cabin and make it home for a few nights. I couldn’t help but feel discouraged, unprepared, stressed, and very anxious. It’s hard not to feel like that “backup counselor” that wouldn’t be as good as the original counselor. I was concerned the girls in my cabin were getting the short end of the stick by getting a new counselor.  How were they expected to open up to this new random counselor after already building trust and relationships with their other counselor?  How could I make them feel like they could trust me in a matter of a day? Many of them still had not had one-on-one time with their original counselor. I didn’t expect any of the girls to want to talk to me one-on-one knowing I was the new backup counselor they had just met. God is so good though. In the midst of all of those worries and anxieties, I forgot it’s not about me. I forgot to trust that God will use me and that He will speak through me. Two of the girls in that cabin accepted Christ in their lives by the end of the camp. God showed me that… Kaylen, it’s not about you. It’s not about another counselor. It’s not about your ability to perform or to show the girls that you are indeed as cool as the first counselor. He showed me that I am a vessel for His truth. Although the girls in that cabin did have a new counselor come in midway, they STILL received God’s truth and God continued to work in their hearts. It just proved to me that God is the one doing the work. Since then I just constantly remind myself… rest Kaylen. God has got it. Trust in Him and have faith in Him and the rest will fall into place.

Preparing to write something God has shown me this summer I get a little overwhelmed. I am so in awe at His faithfulness and how He used each moment this summer for His glory. As a Workstaff Counselor this summer, I honestly never knew what to expect as I was given new roles and my position changed almost each week. In the moment, I questioned why these changes had to happen whenever I had been mentally prepared or excited to be on Workstaff or vice versa. Looking back on all of the events, however, I am so reminded of how He plans every little detail. I had a cabin one week where more than half of the girls were struggling with their home life in areas where I had walked through in my past. I know me being their counselor was a divine appointment. Even with those girls crying in my arms I was so at peace with how God divinely selected me to show them who He is. If I had been on Workstaff that week, I wouldn’t have been able to connect with those girls as deeply as I did. There were weeks when I found myself not being a counselor even when I longed to be but then God used me as an encourager for other staff members that were being stretched out of their comfort zones. Those weeks I was renewed and strengthened for times when I would also be stretched. Throughout the whole summer I was reminded of how, even in uncertainty, I can find so much peace in His faithfulness. My job this summer was always changing but God was (and still is) always constant.