Katie Jennings

Counselor / Cabin 10


This whole summer I have been feeling super discouraged about none of my campers getting saved.  I was listening to so many different lies like that I was not walking in the Spirit and that I was not “good enough.”  One night in particular, I really felt the Spirit moving during an invitation.  I had some campers who were really close to salvation, so I was really expecting at least one camper to come to the back.  However, none of them did and I continued to believe this lie that I wasn’t praying hard or long enough.  One of the other staff members just began to encourage me and tear down lies.  As he was telling me truth, I could feel this heaviness lifting off of my heart.  The very next morning, during the short break, I was talking to a camper.  I asked her if she knew Jesus or not and she said, “I don’t know,” and I just said, “Do you want to?” She accepted Jesus into her heart and was SO excited!  She began reading the Bible I gave her all day, even during meals.  The Lord was faithful and it was so good to see her wonder and hunger for what the Lord had for her.