Kat chambers

media team - photographer

I came into this summer with high expectations of the Father revealing to me what He wanted me to do with my life. I’d graduated college and had no direction as to what I was supposed to do next. Then Jesus told me to come to camp again. As you can tell, because you are reading this, I listened. During staff training the whole staff was in Lakeview and Mama Sandy asked us all say the title of what is this chapter of our lives that we were in currently. I said my title would be ‘Ending of Confusion’. Well, we are three months past that moment and I would be lying if I said I had any more clarity as to what the Father wants from me. This entire summer I have begged the Father to reveal to me why I was here. Sure, I have had a fantastic time, made friends that will last a lifetime and learned more about Jesus’s love than I thought possible. However, I haven’t gotten the answers I thought I was going to get. I was just praying over a fellow staff member and the Father brought to mind this moment that I witnessed outside of the dining hall. That moment involved Chad and Zeke (Chad’s youngest son). Zeke was running in his little toddler way and was having the time of his life. Then all of a sudden Chad plucked him up from the ground and Zeke was not happy. He wanted to continue to run. What he didn’t realize in his young mind is that Chad saw where Zeke was headed: straight for a face-plant into some concrete. Chad saved him from that. Zeke had no idea and will never remember that moment of what could have been disaster. I think that that is what this summer at LFR has been for me. I don’t know what I have been saved from and I don’t have to know. What I do know is that Jesus has been sweet to me, loved me unconditionally, and saved me from encounters that I know nothing about.