Kassandra Wimbish



Looking back at the beginning of the summer, I realize that there were so many things I was fearful about coming into camp as workstaff along with being a ministry partner, but the Lord has worked through that fear to bring His glory. When I had first heard what my position was for “LFR After Dark”, I was nervous to talk to the girls in my cabin about what they had experienced in the Lord’s goodness through the week because I myself was struggling to understand what that really meant in my own life. Getting to just be with the girls and share my own testimony with them has been such a cool experience because as I’m sharing with them, the Lord has worked through things in my life that I realized I had no control over. I think one of my favorite parts of this summer has been getting to get to know each girl in my cabin individually. I was able to have a couple of one-on-ones with some of my girls, and it was honestly such a blessing to see how the Lord was working in their own lives. In my past experience as a camper, I don’t remember the ministry partners being involved as much, but I am definitely so glad I got to be a part of these girls’ lives and hopefully had an impact on them for Christ’s glory.