kaley dunn

tribe leader

This summer I applied to be on staff and I was asked to come be a Tribe Leader. Being honest, I didn’t know how to feel about this because I had never worked much with little kids and I didn’t think I was very good with them. At the end of my first camp, the speaker put out an invitation to go to the back if they felt led. I was back there with the counselor I was with that week and a good amount of our girls came to the back. I got the chance to minister one-on-one to a few of our kids, and one of our girls asked if she could have that relationship with God that I was talking about. For the first time ever, God gave me the chance to pray with a little child to accept Christ. I was flooded with so much joy, it was a really cool experience. That week taught me a lot, but this whole time here just gave me such a heart for children and I’m so excited about that.