Jonathan Hopkins

workstaff Counselor


This summer has been a summer of learning how much the Father truly loves us and wants us to rest. This idea was very present during a Kids Camp when I was placed as a counselor. It is sometimes difficult to complete one-on-ones during any camp, but when a counselor has eight kids in his cabin and two full days to complete those one-on-ones, it gets a little scary. This was the first time I was a counselor for a mini-camp and was stressing over how I was to get these meetings done. It scared me a whole lot not knowing if I would be able to complete all of them! On the second day, God spoke to me and told me to calm down, and He would allow everything to flow smoothly. Of course, this all came to pass, and the one-on-one that stuck with me was one that I was not even planning to do at that time. My team was at competitive games and there was one of my boys sitting on the benches alone. In my mind, I immediately thought, “God, I see you. It’s not about my timing; it’s about Your timing.” So I went over and talked to the young man and he accepted Christ into his heart! It is crazy how God works and how much He asks us to rest (Matthew 11:28-30). It’s only when we completely rely on Him and trust His will to be done that we can truly rest spiritually as well as physically. This principle was very much evident the rest of the summer and truly showed that the Lord is good!