jenna plunk


My summer on staff was nothing but amazing. I loved getting to meet new faces every week and getting to share the love of Christ with them. I got to work the mirror station during LFR after Dark. It was a very powerful station because it showed who you are without Christ. Getting to see every kid's face as they tried to wipe away a permanent word was very cool to experience. It showed them that without Christ those words were not going away. During the last part of LFR after Dark, I was getting nervous because I didn't know whether the girls were going to open up and talk or not. During that time, the girls started to speak and they shared everything God had shown them through every station they went to. I got to share my testimony with them and show them that Iā€™m not perfect either and I have struggles in my life. Getting to see the goodness of God and how He works through every individual was so incredible!