Jake Herndon

Counselor / Cabin 17


This summer has been absolutely incredible.  The Lord has been teaching me to trust Him in literally all areas of my life. It began with the nighttime devotionals and Bible Studies.  I quickly figured out that I didn’t have the ability to lead those kids on my own.  After a few flops, God taught me how to rely on Him for help and for what to say.  Then God started asking me to trust Him with big things.  It was put on my heart by God around mid-summer to move down from Oklahoma, where I am from, to Mississippi.  I had no idea what that would look like or where to even start.  Beginning with school, I looked for a college that wouldn’t put me back time and money, and settled on one.  Soon after applying, I was accepted.

Then began the hard part, there was a stretch of about two weeks where I couldn’t find a house or a job.  This was a little scary because it was getting close to August and I didn’t have anything solid yet as far as housing or a job. I prayed, “God if you want me here, then I need You to give me a house and a job.”  So basically, if I didn’t have anything by then, I would go back to Oklahoma for a semester.  Then I stepped back and placed everything in God’s hands.  On the cut-off date a week later I heard from my Aunt that there was a job available for me and they were specifically looking for my application.  I was blown away. Now that I knew the door was not shut, I kept waiting.  After a few more days, I got up one morning and prayed, “God, if you want me in Mississippi, I need you to show me today.”  One of my good friends at LFR had been looking for a house for me and about an hour after I prayed, he came up to me and told me he had found one.  I was blown away, now I had everything I needed.

I could go on about how I have experienced God’s faithfulness, but I don’t know how better to put it.  He has taught me so much this summer and this has become a huge part of my testimony.