jacob talazac

senior counselor

Something incredible that I have learned this summer is how to lean on God. I often find it difficult to give up control of situations, and working as a counselor oftentimes forces those situations upon me. Kids Camp E is notoriously a difficult camp because of how short it normally is. I was exhausted by the invitation on the last night. However, God gave me a sweet reminder as one of the campers in my cabin walked back. He was very doubtful of his salvation. I had already talked to this guy about his salvation, and he said that he was saved. During this invitation time talk, he said that he knew that he wasn’t saved and that he was ready to jump into a relationship with God fully. As I started to talk through the Gospel, I felt God whispering in my ear that He was in control and that I didn’t have to exhaust myself like this. When this camper had accepted Jesus, he repeated the phrase, “I know,” for around five minutes. He knew that God was now with him. This was a glorious reminder through the tough times throughout the summer.

This is my second summer. Walking into the first half of the summer, I wanted to do better. I wanted to be more intentional with the campers that walked into the cabin. I wanted to show these kids the Gospel in new and exciting ways. I can attempt to do all of this within my own power, but that mindset is SO wrong. Going through the first few camps, I tried to do it all myself. By the end of the first camp, I was completely exhausted. As soon as this exhaustion hit, God began to graciously reveal how this mindset was wrong. The first invitation of the first camp, the whole staff prayed together and I looked up. As campers came to the back to make life-changing decisions, I looked up at the stars and felt God telling me, “You’re exhausted because you’re not letting me work through you.” At that moment, I felt an immense freedom as God continued to tell me that I can rely on Him fully, especially when I’m exhausted. Being reminded of how big He is made me cry behind Lakeview, as I observed His glorious little creations running to Jesus for the first time ever.