ishmon foster

workstaff / counselor

This summer has been packed with lessons of rest and remembering that my life is all about just loving God and watching the fruit of my love for Him spread. One week, in particular, I had to rest in the amazing arms of the Father. I walked into being on workstaff, but ended up being a counselor. I was empty and was extremely struggling with a lot of my thoughts in my relationship with the Lord. When I was informed that the campers in my cabin were extremely needy, I was overwhelmed. The staff surrounded me in prayer, but I needed to surrender it all and watch Jesus do His marvelous work despite my worry. Here is just one of the beautiful stories from this mini student camp.

On the third night of camp, we have LFR after Dark. In the midst of it one of my campers said, “I don’t like this.” Once we had been through each of the stations, I was able to talk to each of the campers individually. During this time, this camper and I discussed why he didn’t like it. He revealed that he didn’t want to trust in Jesus because He has taken too much from him. I cried for a moment, overwhelmed with emotions, but was then able to share the story of Job with him. The next day my Bible Study partner, Leeza, came to tell me that the Lord had put a burden on her heart for a few of my campers. We cried and prayed for them. After that day, my camper and I had our one-on-one.  We discussed all the things he had lost. I was able to explain to him how loss is a result of sin and the Lord introduces fruit of His goodness. He listened and prayed with me and wept. He still wasn’t ready. Later that night we had Pow Wow. During worship, my camper sat with his head down throughout worship. The Lord was trying to get me to trust, but I wasn’t.  I bent down to tell the camper to stand up and he wouldn’t. I was about to pray a selfish prayer out loud, but all I could say was, “Jesus.”  I knelt on the ground whispering, “Jesus”, and I could feel the camper’s tears hitting my arm. I got up and took a seat as the speaker began. When the sermon ended, it was response time. I got up to walk to the back, but before I left I patted the camper and said that Jesus and I loved him. I met Leeza in the back, and we began to pray for our campers. I turned around as my camper was walking out. We went outside and talked. He told me that he was ready to trust. I reminded him that it was his decision and he needed to talk to Jesus. As he prayed it was the most beautiful prayer of surrender and transformation. We sat and rejoiced in the brotherhood and our friendship in Christ. This summer has been filled with so many stories like this one. I have learned so much about my friend Jesus. I’ve learned to see the way He sees and loves me and others so well.

I am thankful for the whimsical, restful summer with my best friend, Jesus, and sweet community in this grand pine forest.

Working at LFR has been an extreme rollercoaster of craziness. There has been so many times where I have questioned if I am suppose to be here or not, but Jesus has really assured me over and over again His perfect placement of me here. The Lord has broken down so many walls that I literally had no intentions of Him breaking. He has really been so sweet to teach me things even when I did not want Him to. I love this place with all my heart and I am thankful for the way it has brought me closer to my sweet sweet friend Jesus.