Hayley Kanagy



I’ll admit when I came to Lake Forest Ranch this summer, I was incredibly prideful. I thought I could tackle the summer on my own strength. I prayed that I would learn to trust. Little did I know how much that would really mean. To be completely honest, I expected God to teach me how to trust Him when in reality He was teaching me to trust Him through others. I’m not a very vulnerable person so for me to trust people isn’t just me stepping out of my comfort zone, it’s more like back-flipping off a pier into an endless stormy sea with the enemy whispering lies in my ears. When I faced stress, I felt like I was drifting in a sea alone, but when I looked back, not only were people standing in the midst of everything, they were diving in with me and pulling me back to shore. I saw Christ moving through them with arms outstretched for me. It was a beautiful example of how Christ pursues us and wants to share in our suffering.