Harrison Fontenoy



The Lord blessed me in a million ways this summer and I can honestly say this was the most I have ever felt in God’s will. My reflection centers on Mission Camp Macon, although the lesson learned there resonated throughout the whole summer. I went into Mission Camp Macon very frustrated, not knowing what to expect. Being on Workstaff, I was originally assigned a position as a team mentor for Team 4. Unfortunately, I was also picked to work on the Mission Camp Workstaff team as well, meaning not only would I have to work two jobs but that I would also barely be able to communicate or mentor my team captains at all. For me, this was devastating because I had lost the one chance I was given all summer to be a somewhat counselor rather than just continue with manual labor. In that moment, I became very frustrated and disappointed for the first day or so and found myself growing angry with God for what I thought was Him holding me back. Instead, He used the situation to reaffirm the idea of being still in His presence and having faith in His timing yet again this summer. After finally calming down and shutting up, I finished my duties with plenty of time each day and plenty of opportunities to mentor and work with my team captains, who were amazing and so willing to learn from the Lord as they served Him. One of the days that I was free to help my team, I happened to catch one of my team captains beginning to argue and shove one of his campers after the end of a game of archery tag. I immediately felt God pushing me to act, so I jumped up to the situation and pulled him aside to calm him down. After days of prayer that God would use me and speak through me to someone during Mission Camp Macon, I was able to sit and talk with him about the never-ending grace of God and the character and patience that Jesus showed as an example for us as He walked the earth. It was incredibly encouraging to watch my camper’s face relax and respond to the words that God put in my mouth and I truly felt in the midst of God’s will, which was worth every second of frustration and waiting that I went through up to that point. God continued to provide opportunities for me to disciple and love him throughout the rest of the week. It became so clear to me that those campers were there just for that one week and that it may be the only time they see and experience the love of God in their lives. I was able to help my team captain understand that we must strive to be like Christ at all times because we want the campers and others in general to witness something different in our actions and how we speak, thus opening a door for Jesus to go to work through us. God took something that normally would have just made me mad and impatient and used it to not only work in my team captain’s life on his quick-temper, but also to continue to teach me and reinforce the idea of being still and knowing that He is God and that I can do nothing without Him who lives in me and works through me. Psalm 46:10