Haley Power

tribe leader


God has spoken to me in so many little ways this summer and it has been amazing to see Him use little seven and eight year old girls to reveal His love.  On one of the last few days of camp, the Tribe girls were painting canvases as part of their craft.  As I was painting mine, one girl had been watching and admiring it.  At first we both thought it looked pretty good, but the more stuff I added to it the worse it got so I ended up throwing it away because I didn’t like it.  The girl looked at me with her mouth open in shock and rushed over to the trash can.  She took the dirty painting out of the trash can, tucked it in her arms, and said “I don’t care what you think about it. I like it and I’m keeping it.”  She was genuinely upset that I would discard something so beautiful.  This sweet moment touched my heart because I thought it was such a cool picture of what God does with us.  The more we trash and hate ourselves, the more heartbroken our Father becomes because we are His most esteemed, most precious creation.  He took so much time forming every detail of us, declaring us His masterpiece.  And just as that little girl gave value to my painting by deciding it was worth digging out of the trash, Jesus also met us buried in our sin and shame and decided we were worth saving.  I am deeply known and loved by the One who made me and gave everything for me.  My Father knew I needed to see myself as He sees me and He is so faithful to provide.  I’m so thankful for God’s never-ending grace and His constant pursuit of me.