Haley Johns

Counselor / Cabin 4


Being a counselor this summer has been such a sweet blessing. This is the third summer I have been on staff and each summer the Father never fails to amaze me with His goodness. This summer it has been so great to see the campers experience His goodness in ways like I never have before. During Kids Camp B, I had several girls in my cabin really understand what Jesus did for them on the cross and it was life-changing for those girls. It was during “LFR After Dark” at the last station where they were able to “see” that the Lord is good. At this station the counselors are able to take each camper individually and wash their feet while explaining the Gospel to them. Once all my girls had their feet washed, I went back to where they were sitting and saw that almost every single one of them was in tears. We were able to talk about what they experienced and they were able to talk about the things on their hearts. These girls were humbled by the fact that Jesus would come and die on the cross for them!  The tears they cried were not sad tears, but instead, tears of gratitude and joy because of what Jesus had done for them on the cross. During that camp, three of those sweet girls in my cabin accepted Jesus as their Savior! I am forever thankful that I was able to see these girls “taste and see” that good gift of salvation for the first time!