Grace levine

assistant wrangler

This summer God has been teaching me so many amazing things but I can remember one thing He showed directly to me.

It was the night of LFR after dark and it was my first time being a ministry partner and I had no idea what I was doing.  It was overcast so not a single star was out.  I had heard from other staffers who had been ministry partners that getting the kids to look at the stars was a good way to keep them focused so as I waited for the first group to come through the station I worked at, I prayed; “God let me be able to see the stars tonight.” As a group was going through, I looked up and there was a small clearing in the clouds that revealed stars that were brightly shining.  I smiled knowing that God answered a simple prayer just for me. 

That night we had to finish up LFR after Dark in our cabins because of rain but despite things not going as planned, God showed me his faithfulness in an answered prayer.