Your gift will make a difference at LFR! Check out
for a link to give online if that is most convenient for you.

RoundUp A New Way to Give

Technology has dramatically changed the ways that we spend money and function in the modern world. Gifts to LFR can be given the traditional route through postal mailing checks. There have been camp supporters in the past who have literally saved their spare change in a piggy bank over the year and then sent that amount in a check to LFR as a gift. But times are changing! The newest way to do that is through a free app for your cell phone called “RoundUp.”

Here’s how it works … basically, this app allows you to make a tax-deductible gift to LFR when you make a purchase online by rounding up your purchase to the next dollar amount with the "change from your dollar" going directly to LFR. This brilliant and simple way to give is really catching on with a number of our regular contributors. A cap can be set on the amount given each month and, like all of our gifts given, it's entirely tax deductible. For iPhone, the app can be found at and for an Android device at

Unrestricted Gifts

When your gift is marked “unrestricted,” it allows a great deal of flexibility in our use of the contribution. About 8% of our annual operating budget comes from these essential gifts. That’s a lot of money given generously from a lot of our faithful supporters. These gifts help us to keep the cost as low as possible for summer camp, LFR Retreats,  and Christian retreat groups that use our facilities for their own evangelism and discipleship events. We do work hard to be good stewards of this wonderful place so that we can make the camp/retreat experience at Lake Forest both affordable and high quality. This open designation of your gift meets a vast need for LFR, and it helps keep us moving forward. Even small donations make a difference. 

Camp Improvements

Camp improvements are continually being made. Buildings wear out, equipment wears out, and facilities are constantly in need of updating and improving. So far this year, we had to renovate the adult cabins and replace the old window air conditioning units with more modern and efficient split units for heating and air conditioning. Your gifts designated for this purpose help us to cover these kinds of expenses. We also have improvement projects that are needed for housekeeping, summer staff housing, and an infirmary. Those present facilities are inadequate for us and we hope to replace them soon. Your gift designated for this important need will be immensely helpful as Lake Forest continues to provide excellent facilities to enhance the work that we do here.


Campers whose families can’t afford the full cost to send their kids to camp and families with multiple kids wanting to come to camp, but who don’t have the budget to allow that, are the recipients of many of these gifts. Some campers who wish to go to camp need full camperships provided because their parents are enduring severe economic hardship. This fund allows those children to come to camp. Also, we have several group homes like the Baptist Children’s Village, Wingard Home, the Palmer Home for Children and the Methodist Children’s Home that need benefactors covering their cost for camp. Also, through Prison Fellowship, we receive numerous requests for camperships each summer for their Angel Tree program (for children who have parents that are incarcerated). It is such a delight to be able to tell all of those who request assistance that they will have their expenses covered through friends like you. The need is real, and the opportunity to bless a child immensely and eternally makes it a fabulous investment in young lives for the glory of God. We really need additional help in this area of giving. The requests for help this year outnumbered our gifts. 

Read about a couple of lives
that were changed through campership gifts: 

I wanted to share a little with you all about one of our students who received an LFR campership and also received Christ this summer. First, I’d like to thank whoever made this possible, they have made a way for two amazing students to enter the Kingdom of Christ.

One of our students has had a rough go in life and struggles a lot at school. The first of the year a phone call was made for her asking to please consider her for camp. We immediately began to pray for God to open the doors if she was meant to attend. She received a campership and was introduced to the Gospel this summer at LFR. It was as if a blindfold had been taken off her eyes.  She had literally never heard the Gospel before. All this time adults and students alike assumed this student was a bad kid. She had never heard God’s Word. After hearing His Word and His love for her, she accepted Christ. She is now a totally new person who sees the world in a completely new light. She has straightened up, attends church on a regular basis, and wholeheartedly loves Christ. Before LFR she had never attended church before. Now she has made a list of people she wants to see saved.  Her heart has been completely transformed; I cannot thank you enough for investing in this student's life. She is now a new creation in Christ and it's so evident in her daily life.  Thank you!

Here’s another story: There is a student who is very new to our youth group. One of his parents happened to contact us 3 days prior to us leaving for camp. The parent had heard great things about LFR and wanted her child to have a chance to learn about Christ; also to begin to make some wiser choices in friends and other decisions. After learning the cost her hopes were shattered, it just wasn’t doable. I explained that there might still be a possibility, not to give up yet. After an LFR campership was approved, this parent was ecstatic. She could not believe someone who did not even know her child would be so willing to invest in his life. Here are the parent’s words “So my child hasn’t stopped talking, the first thing he told us was that he got saved on the first night of camp. I’m not sure you understand what that means to me. God is working in his heart! This was the best thing he has ever experienced and he asked if he could go every week to church with the youth group. My heart is bursting!!! I can’t thank LFR and the youth group enough for allowing my child to go to LFR and for those involved in the financial assistance. This very well could be what puts my child on the path of living a life for God.”

I am not sure what it is about LFR that makes God’s love so evident, the Gospel so real for students, and these camperships possible but I want to let everyone know what a difference they are making in the lives of children and students. Christ said let the children come unto me and those who give to your campership fund have made that possible. Words cannot express how thankful we are for what you have done for our students. Thank you.

Mission Camp Macon

This July week of camp is impacting so many lives in our LFR community of Noxubee County. Summer 2020 will be year number seventeen for this unique and life-changing camp experience for Macon and surrounding area youth. Local churches, businesses, and individuals faithfully give to help make this possible, but there is always the need for support beyond the local folks to make this happen. Each year over 500 children and youth get to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a safe and fun environment of camp. Many local youths consider this the highlight of their year. We get to impact our community through Mission Camp Macon one life at a time. Please consider giving to this opportunity to make an eternal impact by joining us in making a difference in so many lives in one of the neediest communities of Mississippi.