Gavin Grant

Counselor / Cabin 12


Last year I had a camper named Gage.  We got along really well the previous summer, and we had a good one-on-one.  He did not receive Christ that week but during our “LFR After Dark”, he shared some things with me and cried a lot.  This year, at Kids Camp B, Gage showed up on my front porch again. It was really cool to see him again.  I immediately recognized and remembered him.  During “LFR After Dark”, this year, we had a foot washing station where the campers could come up and talk to their counselor about the Gospel and why we were washing their feet so that the door could be opened for them to share anything on their hearts.  I was talking about all the usual things, and then I asked Gage if he had ever received Christ (I couldn’t remember from last year) and he said, “Yea.  Well, I’m not really sure.”  I asked him why and he began to explain how the previous year (when he was in my cabin) he asked Jesus into his heart on the last night in his bed because he wanted to go to heaven and he was afraid of going to hell.  He ended by saying, “But I didn’t really understand what I was doing.”  Then I asked him if he wanted to make it real this time.  He said yes, so I explained the Gospel to him again, as well as how to receive Christ. He then prayed in his heart and received Christ.  To my surprise, he didn’t really have any emotion, and when I asked him how he felt, he said, “Well, I feel a little better.”  In my head, I was pretty shocked because on the outside, it didn’t really seem like he had received Him for real this time either.  The next day we had our one-on-one, and I made it my goal to figure out if he actually knew what decision he had made the previous night.  All it took was the question, “So can you tell me about last night?”  Gage just went on and on about the Gospel and about how last year he didn’t realize what he was doing, but this year, he understood the Gospel and that’s why he wanted to receive Christ.   He then talked to me about how he was going to live that out, and he asked questions about his new life in Christ.  I was just sitting there thinking, “Wow, this guy gets it.”  I could hear in his voice and in his words that he was in fact a new creation in Christ.  We continued to talk about his decision for another half hour; and there I was, sitting in amazement at the change of heart that Jesus had done for Gage.  Through all of it, I was able to see the Father’s faithfulness.  From last year, creating that bond between Gage and me, and him taking a step towards God without me even knowing it, to this year, reuniting us and inviting Gage into a relationship with Him.  I didn’t have to figure out if what Gage did was real because the Father had already solidified that in his heart, but he chose to use me and allow me to see the fruit of His work.