Garrett Hansen



This summer was my first one at LFR.  Coming into the summer, I was not very comfortable talking to people about my faith.  In no way did I feel prepared to share the Gospel with children.  Little did I know that I would be doing just that when we did “LFR After Dark”. During staff training and the first Kids Camp, every message that I heard or read seemed to shout, “Trust God and trust the Holy Spirit.” 

When the first “LFR After Dark” came around, I asked God to take over. I asked Him to speak through me and that nothing I said that night would be from me.  As I walked up to my campers that night, I had this sense of peace about the conversation to come.  God made it clear to me that He would accomplish everything He needed to that night, regardless of me. And He did!  That night two of my campers accepted Christ and the others really seemed to connect with the message of tasting and seeing God’s goodness. God showed me that when you trust Him with your fears, He delivers on His promises.