Emma Paramore

food service assistant


Ministry still happens on Support Staff. I think a lie I believed for too long at the beginning of this summer was that because I didn’t have much hands-on, face-to-face interaction with the kids, I had no real impact on this ministry. The truth, however, is that ministry still happens—it just looks a little different.

Our impact is in the little things. It’s in the face of the gluten-free kid when she realizes you’ve made gluten-free brownies for her. It’s in the squeals of the campers when they see that you’ve put them in the same cabin as their friends when you were doing cabin assignments. It’s in the joy everyone gets from having videos and pictures to remember their time at camp, the way that worship is led, and the safety of knowing a camper’s life is well-protected while they’re at the pool. It’s in the way people show up for each other when our jobs get overwhelming and we need a helping hand. It’s in the flexibility of getting to take a counselor’s ropes shift because they have one-on-ones left to do or helping Workstaff sweep the Dining Hall after a meal so it takes half as long. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus; it’s in our job descriptions. That’s the heart behind every task we do. That is what we’re here for.

Ministry still happens on Support Staff. It might not always be seen and it may seem small or mundane sometimes, but it’s an important work for the Kingdom. That’s a freedom worth walking in.