emma kieninger

assistant cook

This summer God has so faithfully shown me what a Christ-centered community looks like; to love and to serve while being utterly dependent on God and openly available to whatever He would have me do. I served as the assistant cook, and what a journey and a blessing it was. When the Lord called me to be a cook, I was excited for this new opportunity of growth in my faith.  As a cook, there is not a lot of interaction with campers, and it does not always feel like what I am doing is connected to the salvation of campers, but God has continuously reminded me of the importance of completing every task for His glory and honor. God did bless me with time to spend with other staff members. Something that God taught me through those around me is the gift of vulnerability and how vital it is to communication. Vulnerability has never been my strong suit, but I have experienced the beauty and gift that it is. Christ has called His followers to be connected in the community. To be an ear to listen, a pair of feet to do, a heart to understand, and so much more. My summer at Lake Forest Ranch will forever impact the way I live my life.