Emily Malone

head lifeguard


I had the opportunity to serve as a head lifeguard for the summer. I loved it and I had been praying that God would give me a clear picture of what my ministry looked like this summer. Prayer was a main theme of my summer and God made it clear that I had an important job at the pool and in staff community.

One day during a Kid’s Camp, Tucker (our APC), came up to me and asked if I could fill in at a 10-11 year old cabin for a counselor who was sick. I was thrilled. I had been a counselor the last two summers, and I really had been missing the position and ministry with the kids. My week with my new campers was full and sweet. I got to know each one individually and connect with them in the short time I was able to be with them during that camp. The most impactful night for me was “LFR After Dark”. One of the stations was a representation of how Jesus served the disciples by washing their feet. During this, we were supposed to wash all of our campers’ feet (if they allowed us to) and I did. It was so beautiful and moving for a lot of the girls in my cabin. At this point, the counselor that I subbed-in for was feeling better and was able to join us for all the “LFR After Dark” as our ministry partner. When I finished washing all the campers’ feet, I felt the Lord leading me to wash my ministry partner’s feet (the counselor for whom I’d filled in). This was such a clear leading in my spirit that I didn’t question it and followed where I felt that the Spirit was leading. It was a super sweet experience with my ministry partner, and she ended up washing my feet as well while our campers watched. When we walked back to the tarp, we saw two of our campers praying over each other and worshipping together, so unashamed. It made me weep. I felt the Holy Spirit working in those kids’ lives so much, and I felt as if I walked away from that week more impacted than anyone else.