Elizabeth Townsend

tribe leader


As awesome as being a Tribe Leader was, one of my best memories happened outside of the Tribe. It was the last camp of the summer and I was helping with the interactive stations at “LFR After Dark”.  When every cabin came through I would pray for them by name.  My prayer was that when they felt the nails pressed against their palm, they would realize that they were experiencing a very small similarity to what Jesus went through for them.  Once the group was leaving my prayer changed to praying they never forget that feeling.  I did that with every group that came through and then I didn’t think much about it again after they left. 

The next night was bonfire testimony night and I was fully occupied with making sure the Tribe kids behaved during that time. Several kids mentioned how they loved it when we pressed the nails on their hand because it showed them what Jesus went through for them and how it changed their lives because they would never forget that.  By the end of the night I was almost to tears because of how wonderful God is and how He answers prayer in super amazing ways.