elijah rummells

counselor / worship team

When I think about my experiences this summer, there is a wealth of amazing events that I can choose from that speak of the glory and power of the Lord. From many salvations to the little things that show His personal touch, He has been present. The event I want to share occurred during Mission Camp Macon. I was a mentor and part of my job was to disciple, encourage, and guide the student missionaries that came to learn about sharing the gospel. One such student missionary was in my cabin, and I got to have multiple conversations with him at the beginning of the camp that made me realize he was not a Christian. He had experienced more tragedy in his life than any other person I have ever met and he was hurting and upset with God, but he was very open with me about his life, and he asked questions about the Lord constantly and about why I believed what I did. The conversations with him broke my heart because I had never been exposed to that much hurt before. Another counselor, Lauren, and I both spent time praying and asking God for wisdom and guidance with how we interacted and encouraged this student missionary during the camp. To shorten a long story, as the week went on, the Lord used multiple different people and events, including Lauren, another student missionary, and worship time with the other student missionaries to tug on this young man’s heart. The second to last night, during worship, he walked to the back of Lakeview, and let Papa Rich know that he wanted to accept Jesus into His life. That night he became my brother in Christ. It was the sweetest moment of the entire summer for me because I was able to witness the Lord draw someone to Himself in such a way that was very obviously by His power and no one else’s.

On the first full day of student camp 2, first half recreation had about 30 minutes remaining and I was on my way to Lakeview for worship practice when I saw one of my campers, Jason, walking by himself. I said, “Sweet! This is our chance to talk!”, so I asked him if he would like to hang out. We sat on a bench on the side of Lakeview and just talked about camp for a few minutes, and then we wandered into a conversation about the gospel, and whether or not Jason was saved. He admitted to me that he wasn’t yet and so I asked him if he would like to be. As we were talking he just started crying, tears streaming down his face, and he had no idea why. I asked him if he wanted to accept what Jesus did on the cross for him and he said yes! So we sat there in prayer as he asked Jesus to save him. It was a very amazing experience to see the Spirit of God move over him like that.