Denise Webster

administrative assitant


This summer I had the chance to come down the long dirt road and be a part of the staff at Lake Forest Ranch. When I got the job as office admin assistant, I had no clue what exactly I would be getting myself into. So I decided to begin trusting that the Lord was bringing me into a community that was exactly where I needed to be.  During Student Camp 1, I got to hang out with a church during church group time. It was such a picture of redemption; their leader was really in a hard place and was super discouraged about life. In a completely different way so was I. There was a lot of hurt and things in my past that the Lord was helping me to live in the freedom only He can offer. There was a camper who was really seeking the Father. She loved Jesus so much! When the group was leaving she walked over to me and asked to pray for the group. She wanted to pray because some people in her church group did not know the Savior. When the group left I began asking myself about the last time I cared about the people I was with enough to cry over them not knowing the gospel. This summer has changed me in so many ways. It has been a summer of freedom, healing and most importantly, rest in the Father.