David Walker


The ropes course is a camp staple here at Lake Forest Ranch. One camp, there was a camper trying to climb the pole to get to the zipline platform. After climbing about fifteen feet, he started wailing and crying, saying he wanted to come down. He got back to the ground and decided to try again. The second time the same reaction occurred. After going up and down the pole a third time with no more success than the first two attempts, he climbed back down and walked away. He then decided he wanted to try the leap of faith, and, unsurprisingly, he got about fifteen feet up the pole and cried loudly before coming down. Lastly, the camper wanted to try the flying squirrel. Carley, who had been working at the leap of faith, tried talking to him about how that might be scarier for him because you can’t trust your own ability to climb. The flying squirrel requires no climbing. You are strapped in and then the team lifts you up. In that moment, I thought about how similar I am to the camper. I continuously try to succeed on my own ability and fail over and over again. Instead of learning from my failures, I keep making the same mistakes. Then the camper attempted the flying squirrel. He got strapped in for the ride and went soaring into the air. Little to say he absolutely loved it. It wasn’t until he stopped relying on himself and gave up control that he was finally able to fly. That’s what God does for us. It’s not until we stop leaning on our own understanding and trust God with our lives that we’re able to live the way we’re intended to. As a counselor, I have seen the beauty that unfolds when I allow the Lord to work through me rather than the struggle that comes from my own ability.