Daniel Alonso



I guess I should start with how I got here. Mason Cosby, who was on staff last year, told me to apply after I said I did not have any plans for the summer. A couple weeks later I was on a Facetime call with Nick Hall, the Assistant Director, accepting a job as a first half work staffer. I have never been to a camp before, so I did not know what to expect going into this. I knew what I needed to do as far as the job description of workstaff and from what I had been told about the people at the camp, but that still was not much to go on. The day I drove to LFR I got lost in the woods and had to call the Director, Papa Rich, to help me get off of a private road. I was then quickly introduced to all the people I would be with for the rest of the first-half of the summer. I usually have a very tedious and rigorous list of requirements and challenges to get close to me in terms of being a friend. So I really only expected to be kind of close to people, if even close friends. What God did during the first week of camp was very uncomfortable for me. To be considered family to me is the highest reward a person can get from me, but also the hardest one. I only have a small group of people who are. The total is at about 7, 5 are my blood, immediate family. Everyone else is just a close friend of mine.  However, God had other intentions for that small group I have had since 7th grade. I have never really been without my family because I have always been with either my twin sister or my best friend, who is like a brother to me, or been at least able to call them. When I came here and I was going to have my phone taken up, I was worried because I was going into new territory. God was there and had already laid a path down for me though. He had put people here that would bump that list of family up to 10. The last person who had been added to that group took around 4 years to get there and then fell out of it rather quickly. So having 3 new people just tossed in a matter of 4 days was very, very nerve-wracking for me and really threw me for a loop. It was all a good nerve-wracking though, because I was both appreciative of these new relationships as well as clearly being able to see that God was at work in these relationships and the clarity of their ascension into family-level friends. I am incredibly happy to have made these lifelong friendships and they have definitely helped me in my personal pursuit of finding the joy and happiness that God has already put in my life rather than asking for Him to put some in my life. It has also added to my testimony of how God provides for me without me even knowing I needed something. I am excited to see what else I have in store and how I will be able to use this experience in the future. That’s about it.