Dan Bailey

workstaff counselor

The Workstaff life is unsurprisingly difficult. We work late nights, early mornings, and most of the work we do is behind the scenes, giving us little time with the campers. But that isn’t to say that it lacks reward. In many ways, the fact that the labor is so arduous and the appreciation seldom shown only adds to what the job brings. We, as a subsection of the staff as a whole, appreciate the solidarity of the revolting tasks we do together; we enjoy the humility of a job that no one will ever thank us for. Sometimes, a person is called to be a mouth and speak from the Body of Christ; others are called to be the hands and feet. Workstaff is not designed to be the front, the people that get seen and directly minister. Our reward is knowing that God has been using us to care for others, even if we never receive recognition for it.