Courtney power

tribe leader

God revealed a lot to me this summer, and I feel like a lot of it had to do with really fathoming how unfathomable He is, and just how vast His love and goodness are. I also learned how to be fully dependent on Him and His strength and viewing and intentionally loving campers and other staff the way He sees and loves them. I felt like this summer was definitely for me to pour out into the people around me and share the gospel and the love of Christ, but I think also a huge part of God placing me here for the summer was to be taught a lot of things. Seeing the interactions of the staff with one another in a way that’s firm and honest, but loving and intentional; funny and wild, but encouraging, and just the way everybody here exudes the love and passion of Christ in everything they say and do, and even in their mistakes and the way they admit them. The relationships here that I’ve made are so deep and intentional and encouraging and are completely saturated in the Word of God, it’s not something I have at home. But seeing these people come from everywhere, I realized God can create this community anywhere, and He can use me to create that community with all the people I come in contact with back at home. God also helped me realize just how close He is to me, and how our relationship doesn’t have to be some formal thing, and there are not certain words I have to say to Him, I can just speak my mind, and talk to Him. Another thing I learned is just to be still and rest in His presence. When I don’t have any words to say I don’t just have to start spitting out words to Him that I don’t even mean, I can just rest at His feet and in His truth and let my silence be a prayer to Him. He’s such a good Father and He knows me. I just need to be quiet and listen sometimes rather than just speaking to Him constantly and wondering why I feel like I’m not getting a response. Most of the summer has been just enormous amounts of growth in my knowledge of the Lord, the way I view Him and fully understanding how he views me, my relationship with Him and with the people around me. Overall this summer was more than I had hoped, and God willing, more summers will be spent here growing in these awesome relationships!