Claire Subat

food service assistant


This summer I was given the opportunity to be a cabin partner for 4 of 12 camps.  Normally I live in the support staff cabin and never get to see the campers except for in the dining hall.  From the moment I found out I was given this opportunity I began praying for the girls that would walk into my cabin.  I prayed they would see themselves and the Father in a new light and that I would see MYSELF and the FATHER in a new light.

Student Camp 4, ten amazing, God fearing, young women walked into my cabin.  I knew in confidence that Jesus would do big things throughout that week.  The first night, the counselor in Cabin 2 led a devotion.  She read the story of Bartimeus where he asks in faith that Jesus would heal him.  Jesus responded with, “Go, your faith has healed you.”  Those words are words I’ve heard my whole life.  This story has been repeated time and time again but this time it all clicked.  I realized that I have that faith, I have that power to call things out and ask for things in the name of Jesus.

So from night one on, I began to declare healing over the hearts of those girls.  I began asking in full confidence that Jesus would reveal Himself fully to those girls.  Each night I saw these girls create a safe place among each other.  I saw walls broken down, I saw tears of joy, and conversations that were so Spirit led.  Night three is the night we call “LFR After Dark”.  Some call it “cry night.”  I remember sitting on the tarp with 10 girls, lost for words.  Earlier I was given a script by Papa Rich that explains the stations the girls had seen earlier that night.  Of course, I lost it about 15 minutes before I really needed it but I really think that was such a God thing.  Because I lost my script, the girls and I were able to just sit in vulnerability.  We were able to interact in a way that was grace-filled and so encouraging.  The night was long.  We talked about everything under the stars.  There was so much laughter, so many tears, and so many walls torn down.  Jesus revealed Himself so much throughout that week.  There was so much unity in our cabin.  There was so much freedom felt.  Words like: masterpiece, loved, chosen, and so many more were given to those girls.  I truly believe those words were spoken to Meg (the counselor) from the Father.  The girls clung to what they learned from that week.  I cling to what I learned.

Student Camp 4 and through the rest of this summer, Jesus has reminded me daily of the power in prayer.  I encourage everyone to read the story of Bartimeus.  The faith we have has power, the words we speak have power, and there is power in the name of Jesus.  Because everyone in Cabin 2 during Student Camp 4 prayed in full confidence knowing that the Father would do big things, Jesus fulfilled those requests and exceeded everything we expected.  In all, Jesus is so cool.  He knew the desire I had to meet campers in a new way, and He knew that Student Camp 4 was the camp He would use to fill that desire.  He knew the lessons I would learn and He knew the lessons those girls would learn.  The Father is so, so good.