Blake Reddoch

Counselor / Cabin 19


The second half of the summer, beginning with student camp 3 was incredible! There was one moment that stands out in a huge way. The Father completely opened up a door for me to speak to the mom of one of my campers during student camp 4. I was actually calling to ask if her son could stay and be a student missionary for Camp Macon. MAJOR side note, that camper accepted Christ during student camp 4!! When I got on the phone and told her about this she was glad to hear it!  As we were talking she started telling me about some issues that she was struggling with in the house and some hurt she was feeling. I just asked her a simple question: “How is your relationship with Jesus?”  She immediately broke down crying. I will never forget this beautiful moment that was so unexpected. I remember the whole day I was so looking forward to this phone call and it was almost like I knew God was going to do something big! He came through just as He always does.  I started talking with her and prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to move and speak through me and, as I said a minute ago, He came through.

The Spirit moved and she got the truth from Jesus! She told me that her whole life she has been taught legalism and that she has to do certain things, but I was able to tell her that Jesus has given us freedom and we can live in the freedom of Christ! IT IS NOT ABOUT WHAT WE DO but it’s about what Christ has done! We have freedom. The Spirit of God shared this with her and she completely surrendered everything to Jesus that night on the phone. She found freedom in Christ! She completely abandoned everything that she was taught about LEGALISM and stepped into complete GRACE and FREEDOM! It was one of the most incredible moments that I have ever experienced in my life. It was so beautiful to see and I will never forget it.